Staff scheduling
& time tracking app

Fixed or flexible schedules, our planning and schedule management app saves you considerable time. 

With leaves and absences management and time & attendance, you can track the work time of your employees in a transparent way.

Available for Mac, Windows, Chrome, Android and iOS.

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3 products to meet your planning needs.

Developed in the field with the help of HR managers, each of our products integrates all the features you need on a daily basis.

No more headaches with your schedules

Free yourself from the constraints of HR, planning and scheduling.
Focus on your business and Shyfter takes care of the rest.


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The essentials for managing your business

Time Tracking

Record the work time of your employee has never been easier with Shyfter. Track non planned clockings and build super effective reports & timesheets.

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Leaves & absences management

The necessary information for your staff can be found in our application, such as leave balance or overtime counter.
Leave requests are sent from the application and all you have to do is approve or deny them. All information is centralized.

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Centralize your contracts

Do you ever have to run after employees to get them to sign their contracts? This is now history. With Shyfter, your students, flexi-jobs and extras sign their contracts directly on the app. Everything is then sorted, indexed and the PDFs are stored in a hyper-secure in the cloud.

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Integrated with your favorite tools

The integrations between Shyfter and the main HR tools, the payroll management systems, POS, accounting softwares, …
allow you to control everything through a single interface.

Endless possibilities of connection.

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Used by hundreds of businesses

Designed for companies from 5 to 500 employees.
From fast food, to restaurants, to retail stores and event companies, Shyfter adapts to your needs.

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… and over 1,000 other happy customers

Our mission: to save you time

Our main goal is to provide you with a series of state-of-the-art features, allowing you to save time by avoiding errors and double-coding. We also want to make it fun to manage staff schedules and HR.


We calculate over time and extra hours in real time. Our digital planning assistant will help to schedule better. On top of it, your employees always have the overtime counter in our mobile app (iPhone & Android)

Work contracts

Shyfter centralizes contracts and work documents. The signature of the documents is done online. They are accessible 24/7, both for the employer and the employee. Important documents are always within reach.

Leave management

Absence and leave management is a complex task. You can monitor the absence counters on a daily basis and digitize the leave requests of your staff.


One of our priorities is to be ultra-connected. We have connections to cash systems, POS, payroll engines, accounting software, …

Frequently asked questions

Who is Shyfter right for?

Shyfter adapts to all types of establishments, companies and SMEs. From 2 to 500 employees.

We are specialized in the Horeca, the event industry, the service companies, the retail but also for all the companies having a need of management of schedules of the personnel.

One of the strong points of our software is that it adapts to any structure without any additional development.

What equipment do we need to use Shyfter?

As an administrator, you will need a computer to manage schedules and staff. Your users will be able to view their schedule and clock in and out directly on their smartphone.

Is Shyfter suitable for all types of schedules?

Shyfter is designed to handle both flexible schedules (field workers) and fixed schedules (office workers). We also offer various time registration and clocking systems that can be used independently of a pre-established schedule.

How long has Shyfter been around?

Shyfter was designed in the field, the first lines of code were written in 2017. Since 2019, Shyfter is available for commercialization, so far we already have a good thousand hyper-satisfied customers.

Is my data safe?

Your data is hosted on high performance servers that are located in Europe. Each server has several firewalls to protect the data. Pen-tests and other security audits are performed at regular intervals.

How quickly can Shyfter be operational in my company?

1 to 2 weeks.
The time frame will depend on how long it takes for you to send us all the necessary information to set up your account. Then, basic training can be scheduled, which is usually done within 7 days. After this training, you can use Shyfter.

I already use Excel, why change to Shyfter?

There are many reasons why an online scheduling solution can be superior to using a spreadsheet program like Excel. First, an online solution can be easier to use and more intuitive than Excel, which can help users create and manage their staff schedules more efficiently. In addition, an online solution can offer advanced features such as leave request management, employee schedule notification, and synchronization with employee calendars, which can make schedule management easier for employers and employees. Finally, an online solution can be accessed from any Internet-connected device, which can be convenient for employers and employees to access schedules anytime, anywhere.

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Do you have a mobile app for my employees?

Yes, Shyfter Staff is available for iOS and Android.